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Trump Administration
  FOX Friends  FOX News  January 24, 2017 4:33am-4:43am PST

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of the white house is kellyanne conway, special advisor to president trump. good morning to kellyanne. >> good morning. steve: is day two going to be as busy as day one? he met with business leaders. he met with union leaders. i signed a bunch of stuff. he fulfilled some campaign promises. what's left. >> he let with by camera and bipartisan leaders in the senate last night. it doesn't end. there is plenty left. i say this is a president of immediate action. we saw it just on day one. three executive orders. two unbelievable meetings. the first one with ceos of major companies, major crob creators across our country. especially those in manufacturing. really trying to find out how to increase the manufacturing explosion. keep those factories and american workers here instead of going abroad. then he met with labor union leaders and labor errors themselves. what struck me most is when they were asked to tell the president how many had visited the oval office in the past, really just a paltry hands
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were raised. that was astonishing to me. we are told labor heads and rank and file are democrats. that did not happen this last election. many of them went over for president trump and some districts and some counties supported him dramatically in some case. quite dramatically. it's really great to see him today. hour right behind us the president will be having breakfast with the leaders of automobile manufacturers of the auto industry talking to them, again, about how to keep them here and jobs here. and how we can help. how they can help. he'll also be talking to the prime minister of india. he will be having some other meetings this afternoon. and i think he is going to continue to meet with these different leaders to try to repeal and replace obamacare. you see last night two republican senators introduced legislation. we'll take a look at that. obviously we need congressman and dr. price confirmed for us to really get a handle on repealing and replacing obamacare.
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all of these plans include health savings accounts. include patient centered more free market solutions. brian: very interesting senator cassidy joining us later is he a co-sponsor along with senator collins give people choice and states choice. president trump has looked at all of it but hasn't made a decision yet. yesterday, 50's looking at what was happening in the news it's pretty substantial when bernie sanders is praising president trump to say thanks for rejecting the tpp union. ainsley: and union leaders. brian: yeah, pretty big news as ainsley mentioned that the union leaders are saying, you know, it's great to meet with president trump and get this type of recognition. but, in the end, they were talking about saturday's crowd size and talking about what he might have mentioned to other leaders about 3 million illegals voting. if that is -- if those are the rules of the game, kellyanne, will you change your tactics to win the rules that the journalists are playing? >> the best thing that we could do moving forward is to try to have a respectful
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relationship and open relationship with a free and honest press. steve: um-huh. >> there is some descriptive and narrative that have to apply. i thought our press secretary sean spicer delivered tour deforce deliverance. he was fantastic. left of center pleased to serve with him and proud of him. he was engaged. he talked about the fact that he was given misinformation early on but that we'll try to tell the truth every time -- we will always be truthful. i also think that he tried to break news for the president and push back on falsehoods and falsely at the negative coverage. he will continue to be the most beautiful communicator and connector than i have ever witnessed by communicating with people through social media platforms. facebook, twitter and instagram by having me and folks out here with his message what's going on in the day. it struck me last night at the end of day one everything in trump world always feels like we did it in dog years like you have to multiply it by
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seven. it's unbelievable. you had one guy here for eight years. you have president trump here for eight hours. it just already feels like the trump effect. ainsley: what did president trump say about what chuck schumer is doing and democrats are doing to delay the cabinet selection he is? >> we would prefer some the democrats stop playing politics with our cabinet nominees. we have not been given the same deference in just the same shear numbers that president obama and even president bush had at this point in their early presidencies. president obama had seven on day one. it would have been last friday. we had two. now we have three. so they are slow-walking some of these very qualified brilliant men and women. i agree with pump when he says this is probably the highest iqed cabinet in modern history. slow-walking them. in part just to have the lethargy of government to which they are accustomed. we need a fully functioning government. please, go ahead and approve,
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confirm our nominees for treasury, for commerce, for education. steve: america is waiting. a couple of days ago you were on some of the sunday shows and you were talking about sean spicer's statement the day before. you said he was presenting some alternative facts. you just kind of touched on that. the information regarding the crowd size that was democrat that given to the administration by the inaugural committee. and it was wrong. and that got corrected, correct? >> that's right. it was alternative information. people try to make it a thing because they don't want to look at the rest of those interviews. 35 minutes worth of three or four sunday show interviews, ladies and gentlemen, where i took on the media for reporting -- for not reporting facts that matter to women. they want to report on the women's march. they want to count this and count that let's talk about the quantifiable things about the millions of women who find every day life unaffordable. who find healthcare out of reach and inaccessible. even those who have it can't use it. steve: they left that part out onchts they left all of that
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out. i also reminded them that their approval rating is very low and they have earned it. i mean, i'm a very open press person. and i think for people to ignore the fullness of those interviews just to try to, you know, shame or blame one of us is not going to work. and we just plow forward every single day. we are here for the american people. we are not here for the establishment, for elites. we are here to deliver on the promises and the plans that this man has put forward. do you know how significant it is for pump to have withdrawn from tpp and the signal that sends steve it's huge. >> he will negotiate bilateral trade deals. they will put the american worker front and center every single time. brian: is it true when donald trump saw the size of the protest an the women out there and being so close to the white house, is it true that he wanted to bring 15 to the white house to find out what exactly the issues they wanted addressed and security stopped it? >> well, as witnessed yesterday, we are always open
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to have a dialogue with those who may disagree with some of our positions, some of president trump's positions. is he a master at that. masterful at being very open and honest with those who disagree with him. he said it on elections night. we had labor union leaders he classic constituency ended now with president trump. so i have actually had some outreach with from some of them because they saw me on the sunday shows why don't you stop trading the diatribe for dialogue. reach out to those women and hear their concerns. i would like to say many of the pro-lifers i know were completely unwelcome and shut out from this quote march by women. of course it will be the annual march for life this friday. i will be attending. we will have representation from the administration. this is a pro-life president. their voices are heard yesterday he also lawsuit inned mexico city policy so that we as a nation are not
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sending money to countries that perform abortions and sterilization. the taxpayers should not be funding that. ainsley: do you think the mainstream media will be reporting on pro-life march like they did the other march. >> i will be counting that. i would be open to that expecting robust march. these come out like the post men, they come out every year. this year they're coming, i think, to celebrate the election of a pro-life president. and all that that means for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. brian: i hear that tom brady and donald trump are friends and have been for like 15 years, at least, as long as he has been a pro. and now he goes to another super bowl, is he getting blow back about that friendship and it's only going to heat up. what's the president's reaction to some of the blow back tom brady and others are receiving like tiger woods. >> president trump is just so grateful that friends like tom brady are loyal and can ignore
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the shrapnel, the verbal shrapnel. i assume the owner of the team is a good friend of the president's who came to the inauguration. just a fabulous man. and leader in this country. but, look, we appreciate that those friendships are -- just ignore the nay sayers and the critics. we are very accustomed to this. look at what you were saying. people are saying don't invite kellyanne on tv anymore. i have news for them. steve: she is going to be on tv. >> you will see me all the time. ainsley: you are stands in front of the white house. have you been there for a few days now. any fun stories you can share with us that have happened inside? brian: you have seen lincoln? >> it's a matter trying to keep up with the president. steve: good luck. >> throws of us who have worked for him in the campaign or the corporation, frankly on or abouted in the transition, already know he is high energy and high impact. but it has not abated for a moment. ainsley: you haven't had time to let it sink in. steve: trade in high heels for
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tennis shoes you will need them. >> i will have to do that. he is just so open. i think i will give you one quick story whether it's the press pool or the labor union workers or the certainly foreign leaders who are coming and manufacturing ce ohs yesterday, he meets with them in the roosevelt room but then